09 || Video/Spam || Checking In

Is everyone alright?  Seems my cabin was...misplaced with me inside it but everything is in order again.  I'll be resuming my duties in the Infirmary if anyone needs me.  [Open spam for the infirmary since the best way to deal with drama obviously is to throw yourself into your work.]

08 || Audio || Private to Toshiko

Miss Sato.  How are you?  I trust since I've gotten no complaints that your implant has worked to your liking.  Seeing how I'm lacking in company at the moment  If you were free, I was wondering if you'd enjoy joining me to see the sights of the city.
forceful talking/yelling

07 || Audio || Truth Flood

There was recently a meeting among the medical staff in which several issues were brought up for discussion.  I decided to bring up the fact that I no longer have my license due to a conflict between myself and the senior medical staff at the hospital where I was working.

What I didn't tell them was that I continued to perform surgeries without a license.  I'm a very good surgeon.  Very.  Very good.  People come to me when their licensed surgeon is either too inept or too afraid to perform an operation.  Or, if they have simply given up trying, I'll take you as a patient.  But my work isn't cheap.  I've charged millions to perform operations, with the guarantee that I don't get paid if it's not successful.  Because I'm not licensed, I've been approached by celebrities seeking anonymity from the press, politicians, foreign dignitaries, crime bosses, and even terrorist organizations.  I've rarely turned down a client If they're willing to pay my fee.

The reason I do this is because so many people take their lives for granted.  They think life is cheap.  Until theirs is about to end, of course.  Some people actually do value their lives.  For those people, I've done operations for free or in exchange for some service.  Like free food or drinks.  But the fact that there are so many people here who see death as little more than a bump in the road truly sickens me.  Even if you are brought back, life is a precious gift that you shouldn't just throw away.

06 || Video/Spam || Ain't Easy Being Green

[There's an image of a large, empty lilypad for several moments as mosquitoes and dragonflies flit on and off the screen.  Then, a small frog leaps into view, landing on the lilypad and sitting there a moment as it resettles on top of the water.  Lifting its head, the frog looks over into the distance and, for a moment, seem as though he is sighing.]

((OOC: Yeah, Black Jack took a tumble and is now the "handsome prince" turned into a frog.  Because of his curse, he seems like a typical frog to anyone except for "maidens" who might break the spell with a kiss.  He is able to speak with them normally though it sounds like croaking to anyone else.))

05 || Video || Connections

Sometimes, people will form an emotional connection to an item or a place.  This can happen for any number of reasons.  Perhaps the item is a reminder of a past tragedy...or a gift from a departed friend or loved one.  Perhaps being in a particular place reminds you of what took place there.

If the connection is to an item, we can find ourselves unwilling to part with it, even if someone offers you a knew or better version.  Cars, homes, even a musical instrument can have long outlived it's most useful years yet we are unwilling to part with them for emotional reasons.

I suppose the point of this message is to ask those of you on the Barge what items or places, if any, evoke a strong emotional response from you or holds some special place in your heart.
at you

03 || Text || Warden Filter

I wish to have a discussion about the Inmate known as Rex Lewis.

I've been made aware that, prior to my arrival, this Inmate made an attempt at seizing control of the Barge using a form of technology known as nanomites.  For this reason, he has been prohibited from continuing his work with them.

I would like to request that he be allowed to continue his work on the stipulation that his work only be in the area of medical uses for the technology.  I've already come across some amazing technology since my arrival on the Barge, but the potential uses of this nanotechnology are practically limitless.

I understand that limitations would need to be enforced and the Inmate would need to be monitored to insure the past did not repeat itself.  I volunteer myself first and foremost since it is my request and, since I haven't an Inmate of my own, I've still plenty of free time even when in the Infirmary.  I simply feel that the potential benefits of this technology is worth the risk, and it would give the Inmate a constructive use for his intelligence.

001 || Video

[As the video starts, you see a young man of Asian descent, looking into the lens.  His expression is stoic and professional, a look which is aided by two very noteworth features.  First is the shock of white hair whick is on the right side of his head.  The second is the line which cuts across his whole face, one side is a noticeable shade darker than the other.  When he speaks, it's in the calm, self-assured tone of someone who is very confident in themselves.]

My name is Black Jack and I'll be joining the Barge as a Warden.

I am interested in everything you can tell me about the ship's Infirmary.  Number of staff on hand, staff experience.  Is there a ship doctor, etc.